It’s all in a name

The children in Ms Kwan’s class explored the origins of their names.  While visiting with Shane Point, our District’s Elder, they learned the meaning of his name was ‘thunderbird.’  This led to their curiosity about their own names and family roots!

It was fun hearing their stories.  You could see how much fun they had bringing their family stories back to the classroom to share!

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My hero research projects 

The project based and inquiry learning in Ms Ang’s class has been rich!  The students chose a hero and learned about and responded to their learning through the creation of cross curricular theme books!  The presentation of their learning was uniquely shared in paper bag theme books; each pocket containing interesting facts or responses to their learning.


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Noon hour Games

We appreciate our students for their desire and commitment to be involved and lead by example!  Noon hour games are up and running with indoor soccer.  Thank you to our sports reps, our students who come out and play and to those students who come to watch and cheer each other on!  It’s always a full house! 


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Elder Shane Point visit

 Musquem Elder and Knowledge Keeper, Shane Point,  spent the day with students today sharing his stories of family and community.

The questions were rich from our students as they guided their learning with him.  He shared stories from his own childhood and those stories shared with him as a child.

Where were you born?  Was it a big village?  What was your house like?  Why didn’t it have windows?  What did you eat?  How long did it take to clean and carve the cedar bark?

His answers supported the children’s learning but also helped the children make  all kinds of new connections!


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Remembrance Day at Norquay

dscn0639Remembrance Day is a day to reflect and remember and students across our country take time in their school community to gather together to share thoughts about this day.  Wearing our poppies,  we all reflect and our learning is unique in every way since everyone is affected differently by the stories they hear and their own personal experiences. So as we share and learn about Remembrance Day, we ask ourselves, “what does Remembrance day mean to me?”

dscn0656 dscn0652 dscn0647



I’d like to thank the staff and students who spent time working together to share their messages of peace and kindness at our assembly.   It was a beautiful gathering.

imag1261 imag1260 imag1258

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Bulletin Boards of Learning

dscn0620It’s always my favourite time of day when I get a chance to visit classrooms and see the learning, but what a treat it also is to stroll the halls and see the celebration and love of learning spilling onto the walls for all to see.



Here are my snapshots for the day:

Gorgeous chalk pastel work by our grade 5’s

dscn0616 dscn0617 dscn0615 dscn0614 dscn0613 dscn0612







Kindness is about filling each other’s buckets….



dscn0622 dscn0623





Superheroes in training….

dscn0619 dscn0618 dscn0611

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More Halloween book love….

I could truly spend my entire day, if permitted, in the cozy confines of our wonderful Norquay Library.  Our amazing visiting teacher librarian, Pete the Cat had been sharing some favourites throughout the day.  Students then are finding some curl up time with a book. 


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